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HVAC Companies in Dubai Offering Air Conditioner Repairing, AC servicing and AC Maintenance Service

HVAC maintenance is an important aspect in Dubai. Because, you know that without regular maintenance of AC. Further, it would decrease about 5% of it’s original efficiency every quarter. whereas, the low coolant will not only cost about 20% more electricity. But, your AC might stop working all of sudden due to its compressor. Then, the repairing cost will be much more than that of maintenance cost,

Heating Ventilation and Air Condition System Basics Maintenance

We can provide you the basics about HVAC systems. Most of all, you can better manage your cooling system. Further, We review general cooling principles to help you understand your system. Because, you should feel free to contact Silver Star Technical Services for Comfort Specialist advice. Therefore, you have AC Repair or Air Conditioning Maintenance we are just a call away for any of HVAC Service in dubai.
hvac ac maintenance dubai

Silver Star Technical Expert AC Technician for HVAC Dubai will make a Inspection Prior to provide AC Repairing Service

When we will receive your query. First of all, our experts will inspect your Air conditioner. As a result, they will provide you with a thorough inspection report of HVAC as well as pictures. Because, we have equipment to assess the efficiency and condition of your Air condition. Therefore, we will identify existing faults and advice you possible solution. Especially relevant, we would recommend improvements to the performance of your Air conditioner accordingly.
To avoid hassle, you can have a AC Maintenance Contract AMC for HVAC with us which include, many valuable services. Therefore, You must feel comfortable and relax in case of AC Problem. The Service we provides are not limited to mentioned below. However, it depends what type of contract you have activated with us.

  1. We provide performance check visit and its frequency depends on your requirements.
  2. You will get thorough inspection, cleaning and testing of Air Conditioner.
  3. Will might provide an expert recommendations, if you have any AC problem.
  4. Technician will diagnosis any fault and assist you to rectify it.
  5. We will schedule maintenance visits at your comfortably available time for HVAC Service in Dubai.