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Annual Maintenance Contract AMC for your peace of mind. Because, we are sharing and takeing a risk and care of your Maintenance needs

Therefore, What are the Benefits of Annual Maintenance Contract AMC in Dubai (AMC)

Further, in this competitive era of Dubai, quality and sustainability is a primary factor. Therefore, the Quality performance of the AC Condition depends on the AC machine in time maintenance. Finally, to get the best performance, the proper air condition service and AC maintenance is a key factor. As well as, Maintenance of electric wiring to keep AC properly in working requires special skills. Mostly, the organization may not have specialized maintenance team to take care of complete home requirement especially Air Condition.
Therefore, we strongly recommend AC annual maintenance contract AMC at least. Further, preferably complete home maintenance.

Since, we have valued annual maintenance contract AMC engagements. More, It will help you to remain focused on your main operation and core business. Because, our highly skilled and experienced technical professionals will ensure a effectiveness and efficient functioning of facilities. Therefor, We offer cost effective and value added standard, comprehensive almost customized annual maintenance contract AMC. Finally, we consider that the package must suit the unique requirement of every client. As, We have the specialist to care of maintenance problems, such as Annual Maintenance Contract AMC.
Annual Maintenance Contract AMC

AED 1,500/- Per Year
Painting(Not Covered)
AED 2,500/- Per Year
AED 3,500/- Per Year
Painting-Touch up
AED 5,000/- Per Year
AC Service & Repair(No-Parts)
Painting*one-Same Color

First of All, Terms of calculation and such as, conditions

*01- Additionally, The each package is for one Bed Room Flat or 800 Square Feet Residential Area or 500 Square Feet Commercial Area. Therefore, The price will be increased by multiplying every one Bed Room. Also, increase of every 800 for residential. Further, it will increase 500 Commercial Property/ Premises.
*02- Payment will be paid in Advance in two installments (Post dated Checks).
*03- So, It cover emergency services, Further, it will be handled in 48 hours only with Annual Maintenance Contract AMC.
*04- Also, Professional Annual Maintenance Contract AMC for all Residential and Commercial Property. Finally, Special Discount for property owners having more than one properties in Dubai.