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Air conditioning companies in Dubai at the Dubai Resorts:

Dubai is known for many things from very fast cars to massively tall buildings. One thing that everyone definitely knows about Dubai however is that it has very hot weather; it only really has two seasons: hot and hotter. Therefore, the Air conditioning companies in Dubai are very important.

Particularly, In the summer months Dubai is known to reach temperatures of 50 C and winter months usually don’t drop below 30. So much like you couldn’t do without central heating in northern Europe, in the same way it is literally impossible to survive without a fully functioning efficient Air con.

When it comes to tourists visiting the beautiful resorts on the Palm, or areas within the Dubai Marina such as the Jumeirah Beach Residence or (JBR), air conditioning companies in Dubai work in the complex is something that is mandatory not an optional extra. Not having air conditioning is a health hazard due to the sheer temperatures.

Air conditioning companies in Dubai and in the resorts is therefore constantly maintained and cared for. Monthly health checks on largescale air con systems are often conducted. Because guests come in and out of resorts such as the JLT, Springs or the meadows, the most common issue is improper use.

For example air bubbles within air conditioning systems are often not a problem, however they can cause the system to leak. These are very easily fixed in the monthly audits as they are conducted, but if it was not reported it could turn into a more complex issue to solve.

Other common air conditioning issues can vary from sensor failures, which means temperature sensors don’t work, compressor overuse, unlike a fridge air-con units aren’t designed to be run 24/7 and therefore overuse can cause compressors and fan controls to ware out.

Refrigerant leaks can also be an issue. With most of these issues however constant maintenance and an ongoing care regime can fix most of these problems before they become too serious. please refer to the air conditioning companies in Dubai.